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The Cut Coach

Early December the Trends Team had "The Cut Coach" come to the salon to teach them about new barbering techniques and styles including hair tattooing. The team was excited to spend some time with one of Paul Mitchell's top educators.

During the class Rosanne and Kade both had the opportunity to get a hair tattoo by Cory "the Cut Coach" Bakon. Check out some of his work on his instagram @thecutcoach.

While Cory was here he showed the team some of Paul Mitchell's new mens line. MVRCK is a line of products made by barbers for barbers, but anyone can use it! Some of the products include dry paste, shaving cream, after shave, beard oil, and beard and skin lotion.

The girls are loving using the MVRCK products on all their male clients; Kade is loving the Dry Paste for his hair.

Keep posted for more information on our new favorite mens line!

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