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Sun Screen For Hair?

Everyone loves to spend a nice hot sunny day out at the lake, but did you know your hair can experience damage from UV rays?

Like skin, hair experiences the harmful effects of UV rays. Prolonged exposure to the sun will dry out hair leaving it brittle and even cause color to fade or lighten. There are a couple things that will help save hair from sun damage.

Using a product such as Paul Mitchell Color Protect Locking Spray will help lock in hair color reducing the risk of color fading from prolonged sun exposure. This leave in conditioning spray will leave hair hydrated, soft, and protected. Sunflower extract works to create a protective layer on your hair, similar to sunscreen for skin.

Other ways to protect yourself from the sun include wearing a hat or scarf to cover your hair from harmful rays. Always take the best precautions when spending time in the warm spring and summer weather. As professionals we want you hair to last as long as possible for you and to be as healthy as possible.

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather.


The Trends Team

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