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Getting Faded

Feb 8th 2019,

The girls were excited to spend their Friday morning with Kylie, a Paul Mitchell educator. During the class the girls learned new techniques for men's hair cutting including new tips and tricks to accomplish the perfect fade!

Kylie practiced 2 different men's styles on our models. Pictured first is a scissor over comb haircut. Our model wasn't looking for a drastic change today...

Kylie showed the girls some tips on how to do a perfect clean up on men's hair using only scissors. After washing our first models hair with Paul Mitchell's Mitch Double Hitter shampoo, they returned to the chair where she cleaned up the sides and neckline leaving the top a bit longer.

Our second models hair was recently cut, but he usually goes for a fade... It is always nice to keep a fade trimmed and tidy, coming in for a touch up every 3 to 4 weeks is recommended.

At the lather lounge Kylie washed our second models hair with Paul Mitchell's Heavy Hitter shampoo. After returning to the chair they decided to not touch the top of his hair and instead to just clean up his fade. Kylie showed the girls some tricks to accomplish the perfect fade every time!

We are always super happy to welcome Paul Mitchell's educators into the salon. They teach us new tricks and refresh our memories on product knowledge and styling techniques.This ables us to provide the best and most up to date services we can!

To check out some more of Kylie's work, check her out on instagram at @lifeofkye

Happy Friday!


The Trends Team.

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