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Get Your Glam On.

It's Friday!!!!! It's time to go out and enjoy your weekend... What better way to get party ready then having a drink and doing your hair.

We are loving the "Hollywood Glam" look for the winter season!1940's and 50's red carpet hair was our inspiration for this look today. Classic Hollywood hair is classy, timeless, and such a big trend this year! Learn how to do this look at home using 4 simple tools: paddle brush, a 1" curling iron, clips, and hairspray.

step 1:

Prepare yourself a martini...

step 2:

Protect your hair with Neuro Protect.

Spray a mist of this thermal protection spray over your hair to add shine and to protect your hair from the heat of your curling iron and the humidity.

step 3: Starting at the nape, curl hair in rough 2 inch sections.

Take care to curl each section back; away from the face.

step 4:

Allow curls to cool and mist with a soft working spray - we love Marula Oil Rare Oil Hairspray....

This might be a perfect time for a sip of that martini you made in step 1!

step 5:

Using your paddle brush begin gently brushing out curls, allowing all the curls to form together creating the Hollywood glamour look.


The Trends Team.

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